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Surprisingly steady wind and warm water is not all that El Yaque has to offer. The VELA windsurf Resort, located at the El Yaque Beach Hotel, provides best F2,JP and Neil-Pryde equipment. Your beach chair is waiting for you right in front of the center under Coconut trees. Here you will relax, enjoy your drink and have a great view of what is happening on the water. “Mike´s Bar” supplies you withdelicious refreshments.

Margarita Island, El Yaque Surfers
Beach Playa el Yaque
Spot Info: Windsurfing in El Yaque means a 3/4 mile of sandy beach and side-shore wind. Flat, waist deep water for the first 300 yards makes it ideal for first encounters with the elements, to learn how to beach- or waterstart or to work on your manoeuvres. More advanced sailors head out and after a stretch of rather choppy waters will find nice swells of up to 5 feet, that invite to jump on the way out and to surf the waves coming in.

Windsurf conditions: Light wind in the mornings that builds up around noon, to be best between 2 and 5 PM. In other words: Ideal conditions for beginners in the morning, and in the afternoon perfect for intermediate and crack sailors. From October until January and in June and July you are most likely to sail between 5 m2 and 7 m2 while during February, March and April 3.5 m2 – 5.5 m2 are the most used sails. In May the wind gets a little weaker but steadier than in the highwind months (which makes it the most ideal month for learning manoeuvres) and you´d still only be on 4.5 m2 – 5.5 m2.
An average air temperature of 82 degrees and water temperature of 79 degrees allow to wear your shorty or lycra. But be aware of the strong sun and use waterproof sun protection factors 20 to 30, after all, El Yaque is only 11 degrees above the aequator.

The Vela Center:
Expect to find an ideal combination of about 100 F2 and JP boards in combination with Neil Pryde sails, all on carbon masts and with adjustable harness lines. The equipment will be renewed every year in November but Tom and Kathy (since 8 years the owners of the Vela Center) always keep some new equipment stored to be able to renew wasted equipment all through the year.

You can choose from following Boards and Sails:

  F2 Boards:
JP Boards:
  Wave 251- 255
Wave 244- 247- 254
  Maui Project 7`10 - 8`2 - 8`4
Freewave 255
  Style 245 - 250
Freemove 261 - 267
  Wizzard 262 - 268 - 272
Freeride 272
  Maxx Air 259 - 264
  Powerglide II 280 - 287

  Neil Pryde Sails:
  Core 2.9 -3.3 - 3.7
Discovery One 70
  Search 5.0
Hifly Primo 335
  Expression 3.7-4.2-4.7-5.2-5.7
Magnum 325
  Jet 5.9
Max 305
  Diablo 6.4 - 6.9 - 7.4
Sails for beginners
Sails for children

Margarita Island, El Yaque Surfers
Beach Playa el Yaque
The equipment is constantly checked. Fins will be sharpened regularly, masts and booms closely examined every week and, if necessary, changed.

Service and Lessions: The Vela Center offerst best attention to their clients and “Service” is not just a word to their staff. Every morning, from Monday to Friday, Vela guests are welcome to enjoy free clinics on topics like waterstart, planing, jibing, etc. Group or private lessons of all levels can be arranged with any of the skilled center staff. For your security there is a lifeboat on the beach. Should you get tired of sailing in El Yaque you can book either a daytrip to Coche for speedsailing or to Los Roques Island with its turquoise crystalline waters and white sandy beaches. Of course you can book directly with us.

OPTIONS: Although we highly recommend to sail with Vela you can, of course, bring your own equipment or sail with Mistral or Fanatic which we can also arrange for you.

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