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Jeep Safarie by John

Warao indians in a curiara
Playa Manzanillo
Departure time: 09:00 am from Playa el Agua
08:30 am from Porlamar and northside Hotels

250kmts around the Island,
two National Parks, open bar all day.
Lunch includet (fish, chicken, meat, calamar)

Warao indians in a curiara
Sun and Fun on the Beach


After we get supply the drinks, we go to La Asuncion
Visit to the Santa Rosa Castle
Climb to the National Park "El Copey", Rainforest
go down to El Valle, Stop at the Church Virgien del Valle
take the Highway to La Restinga Lagoon, 30 min. Boat Trip
Lunch at a good Restaurant - Beach time at punta arenas
Offroad Drive to La Carmela Virgin Beach
One more Beach but with a Lot of Shells, 28 kms long
Sunset (The Sunset we try to get it at Juan Griego or somewhere around)


Jeep Safarie by James and Nancy

Warao indians in a curiara
Laguna la Restinga
Departs from hotel at 9AM and returns 6PM

The adventure begins with a visit to Virgin Beach where you can enjoy a refreshing morning swim. From there you continue on to an authentic castle to enjoy a little of the island's history.Next, the adventure continues with a little off roading through the one of the deserts which make up landscape of scenic Margarita Island.


Warao indians in a curiara
Offroad on the Island
After spending some time in the desert, you continue on with a boat tour through the mangroves at La Restinga where you can enjoy another refreshing dip in the ocean. Once back in the jeep, it's off to the mountains where you can enjoy the evening sunset. At 2,000 feet, it's quite a view guaranteed to take your breath away.
At this time we will head back to the hotel. All in time for you to go out and enjoy one of the many restaurants El Playa has to offer.

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