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Warao indians in a curiara
Salto el Sapo


The tour starts at 7:30am on the porlamar airport.

While the flight they offer you a light breakfast. After more o less 2 hours flight over the amazing nature from Venezuela you come to the auyantepui (table mountain) inside from his canyon is the angel fall, the highest waterfall in the world, you will have a overflight from this. After this great experience you flight to the national park canaima.

The local excursion starts with a boat trip through the lagoon from canaima, while this you past 8 waterfalls on the other side you will walk like 25 min, to come to the next attraction from canaima, it´s called: waterfall “el sapo” you will walk through this waterfall in the rocks.

Warao indians in a curiara
Canaima Overflight
On the other side you can climb up a little mountain to enjoy the wunderfull view. After a while you go back to the same way, in the camp we will offer you the lunch. Then you have a while for you, in the souvenir shop you can buy some handcrafts and in the afternoon we fly back to margarita more o less at 5:30 pm we are in the airport.


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