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In the years that followed the conquest, the Spanish colonists came to entirely shape the national culture of Venezuela. The influence of the native, pre-Hispanic communities was marginal, as they were soon assimilated by the strong cultural and political unity of the Spaniards.

Magazines top

Venezuela has a wide variety of magazines in Spanish. However, magazines in English can be found in larger newstands. Here are some of the most popular publications:

Newspapers top

Newspapers range from tabloids to broadsheets. Some are printed daily, some weekly. Below is a selection of the most commonly read:

El Nacional

El Universal



Economia Hoy



La Hora

La Nacion

El Sol de Margarita

Daily Journal (Venezuelan newspaper in English; no Web-Page)

Television top

Venezuela has 4 national television channels. The most famous programmes are the glamourous soap operas (telenovelas) which are popular all over Latin America and even in some parts of Europe. Satellite television is widespread and shows predominantly American channels.

--- Venevision MS Channel
RCTV - Radio Caracas
--- Televen MS Channel
Venezolana de Television
Venezolana de Television

Radio top


Acción y Reacción

Jazz 95.5
(Real Audio)

Genesis 99.5
(Real Audio)

World band radio
can be received in Venezuela, on the following frequencies:

Radio Canada International

Time (GMT) Frequency (kHz)      
0200 -0300 9535 11845 11940  
2200-2230 11730 13670 15305 (Mon - Fri)
2200-2300 11730 13670 15305 (Sat and Sun)
2230-2400 13670     (Mon-Fri)
2300-2400 11940 13670 15235 (Sat and Sun)

BBC World Service

Time Frequecy  
0000-0330 7325  
0500-0815 9640  
0900-1100 15190  
1100-1130 17790  
1100-1400 6195 15220
1400-1615 17840  
2000-0330 15260  
2000-0430 5975  
2200-0330 9915  



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