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Venezuelan Climate · CNN weather · S.A. Satelite Image · Weather Links

Venezuela is located entirely in the tropics. The temperature varies very little during the year and most parts of the country maintain an average of over 25C (77F). Its capital, Caracas, has an average annual temperature of 22C (72F) and varies by only 4C (8F) over the year. However, the temperature drops with altitude. The mountaneous regions can get cold, especially at night, and there is even snow in the highest parts of the Andes.

Like all tropical countries, Venezuela only has two seasons, the dry season, known as verano, and the rainy season, known as invierno, which are marked by the difference in rainfall rather than temperature. Generally, the dry season is from December to April/May, and the rainy season lasts for the rest of the year. Rainfall, however, can occur during the dry season, and the rainy season often has dry months.

There are many regional variations in rainfall. While certain areas, such as the Carribean Islands and the northern coastal region remain dry, with only 280mm (11 inches) of annual rainfall, the mountain slopes of northern Venezuela are generally wet, with annual rainfall reaching up to 1500mm (58 inches). Amazonas remains wet for most of the year, and in the Llanos, a vast plain in the south western region, extensive floods during the rainy months are followed by severe droughts in the dry season.

The current weather conditions in Venezuela (from CNN)

CNN Forecastmap for South America

Latest Satellite Image of South America

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