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Margarita Island

Dear visitor,

After almost 6 years on line and surviving the dot com crash think-venezuela.net is taking a new turn in its approach to tourism in Venezuela. Our policy has been a No Involvement Policy. We provided the information and you made the decisions on which hotel to stay in, which airline you wanted to fly, and what excursion sounds good.

After receiving over 4000 e-mails from our site guest's inquiring and asking for our recommendations and if we can organize their trips, we decided to step in. ExploreMargarita.com is a new section offering hand picked and carefully selected excursions and destinations in a land of outstanding beauty Venezuela.

Our objective of this site is clear and simple. To provide you with the latest and most useful information that will help make your visit to Venezuela and Margarita Island easy and memorable. We have been very careful in our examination of each hotel, airline, transport, guide, guest house, restaurant, camp, and excursion to make sure that they meet our expectations and most important of all, yours.

We talked to owners, waiters, guides, and even to pilots to design our excursions and added a twist of adventure to distinguish them from what is common. Our prices are extremely competitive for two reasons: First: We are the creators, owners, and operators of the leading Lodge in the Orinoco River Delta in Venezuela. Second: Our mark-ups on other destinations are very moderate. Make sure you check our Major Attractions section before taking a decision. It has detailed information about every region and destination in Venezuela.

Visit our office and internet cafe in the heart of Playa El Agua. Get 01 hour free Internet or a 10% discount coupon on a fantastic meal in Thai Chi restaurant in Playa El Agua by only mentioning this Page, with no obligation what so ever.

We wish you a pleasant stay and welcome to Venezuela.

General Information über Venezuela

Playa El Agua Beach; The "In Place" for national and international tourists. The Water: (El Agua) 3 kms long. Water, beach, restaurants and a lot more. Its name came from the number of ponds and wells which over time have faded away.

Here you can find everything to have a good time. There is no village of "El Agua", but there is an organized community which has been and is concerned about the area. Playa El Agua has an international community, German, French, Italian, etc. which has added its flavor. It is perhaps the most visited area on the island, the most known and the most popular. It's a small world within a world.

In Playa El Agua and its outskirts (from Paraguachi to Manzanillo) you can find everything necessary without the need to travel much. Be careful while in the water. Keep close to the shore since there is undertow and you may find yourself dragged out. If this happens, let your self float a bit and try to get out from the side. Don't fight against the current because tiredness may overcome you.


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Margarita Island
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